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Sunday, December 17, 2017

About ClickHeat

ClickHeat is a reusable instant heat pack for your hands, neck, feet, or even as baby bottle warmer!  It's an easy-to-use, effective, and 100% safe heating solution that requires nothing more than a simple click!

Why Clickheat

Unlike other heat packs, ClickHeat requires NO hot water, NO electricity, and NO microwave! With just a click of a button, ClickHeat instantly warms to a preset temperature of up to 130*F/54*C that lasts up to 90 minutes!

ClickHeat heat packs are available in a variety of shapes and sizes that suit a variety of your heating needs.  Use the flexible ClickHeat pack on any part of your body, or even sleep on it with no risk of bursting!  It's a cutting edge solution that's 100% non-toxic and safe, and reusable!


How does it work?

The product consists of formula, sodium acetate. This is the combination of salt and water. It’s non-toxic, non flammable and completely safe. All of the products are reusable, simply place ClickHeat in boiling water for a few minutes and it will return to its full heating potential, ready for use for hundreds and thousands of time. The heat is caused by a chemical reaction so no battery or electricity of any kind is needed. As long as the pad is sealed, the energy remains inside and never wears out.

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