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Sunday, December 17, 2017
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Special baby bottle warmers offer
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Special bottle warmers offer package, has 2 bottle warmers, for much easier use at Home or on the go!

This Special Offer is 33% DISCOUNT, on the Regular price.

ClickHeat bottle warmer is an instant reusable heat pack with specially designed fasteners, to help you wrap it around the baby bottle, to heat it's content.

Its safe, handy and easy to use.

For more Convient use at home or outside. order this great special offer.

It’s very helpful when you go for a stroll outside, and need to heat the baby meal with no microwave around. It’s also very useful around the house - when our ClickHeat bottle warmer just makes it easier to stay near the baby at night and get the bottle warm without going for the microwave.
Each ClickHeat bottle warmer, stays warm for up to 60 minutes and can be also used to heat the stroller or the baby blankets.

This special offer contains 2 Items of our bottle warmer, which helps you have a ready to use bottle warmer at all times - if you need 2 intervals of warming bottles with few hours in between, or one for the day and one for the night. 


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